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Bring Out the Best in Your People

We teach Leaders, HR Professionals and Teams how to use their Strengths, bringing Coaching Conversations to life in the workplace for lasting results.

Why Use Strengths-Based Coaching in Your Business?

Because it works. Highly engaged people naturally do their best work - not because they're asked to, but because they want to. They care more passionately and consistently perform better under pressure. At all levels, people need the right support from within their business to stay at the top of their game. Whether it's dealing with difficult customers, improving communication and teamwork, or digging deep to find that last drop of motivation in a crisis, a Coaching Conversation can help your people rise to the occasion. According to a study by the Corporate Leadership Council*, team member performance increased 36.4% after a performance discussion with their Manager where strengths were emphasised - and declined by 26.8% when their weaknesses were emphasised. That's a difference of 63.2%! 

Leaders who can recognise and tap into the natural strengths of their people build engagement, creating faster growth in an environment where excellence can flourish. Do you know how to have an effective Workplace Coaching Conversation?

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Let us show you how

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Team Development

The best Teams have great communication, are supportive, open and hold each other to the highest standards. Our specialised Workshops will help build bench strength and bring your Team together for success.

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Strengths Profiling

The second-generation, scientifically robust R2 Strengths Profiler gives deep insight into your natural strengths, revealing ways to capitalise on your hidden potential. Individual and team profiles available.

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Growth for HR & Leaders

You need growth opportunities too! Exclusive 1:1 Coaching and small group Workshops, tailored for HR Professionals and Leaders - refresh your skills and learn the latest ways to develop your people.

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Who are we?

We are passionate coaches of people in business, organisational development nuts, strengths-spotters and all 'round groovy facilitators! We share over 38 years' experience in management roles and know first-hand, the challenges of building great teams. We have trained more than 5,000 valued leaders and staff in many industries to be their best, boosting personal and business results.

We truly love seeing people shine at work, so that their businesses and their lives are better for having spent time with us. We'd be delighted to serve you and your team, anywhere in Australia or around the world - give us a call!